Destination I Do Punta Cana

Destination I Do in Punta Cana is a passionate team of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in the wedding industry. Our dedication is rooted in creating meaningful and unforgettable wedding ceremonies that embody the true essence of a beautiful union.

About us...


Destination I Do is unwaveringly committed to delivering exceptional wedding services, aiming to craft singularly memorable experiences for our clients. We uphold the highest standards in appearance, elocution, and oratory skills among our staff.


Our Clients: We are devoted to surpassing expectations by going above and beyond to anticipate our clients’ needs. We take ownership of every detail until our customers are not just satisfied but thrilled.

Our Employees & Culture: Our commitment extends to being leaders in our industry. We continually strive to enhance the company and uplift our fellow staff through teamwork, innovation, and creativity.

Our Business: In all our endeavors, we prioritize fairness and conduct business with integrity and respect. At Destination I Do, we believe that maintaining high ethical standards is fundamental to our success, fostering a culture of trust and reliability.

Join us at Destination I Do in Punta Cana, where every celebration is crafted with passion, professionalism, and a commitment to exceeding expectations.


Our vision is to become the premier wedding services company in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. We aspire to achieve this by deeply understanding and satisfying the unique needs of brides and wedding coordinators